Never forget the first time- pointing with a handful of coins. Get so angry. Especially the Germans.

It's all been agreed: send them all back.”  


Britain isn’t working and something has to be done. The government, after getting unprecedented political consensus, has instructed that all the people in Britain who aren’t British have to go. Especially if they’re European.

As the ferry companies line up to take the government contracts to ship the immigrants back to the continent, power- and responsibility- shifts to Britain’s new city mayors who have to make sure all the people and political pieces still fit together.

William Jameson, Mayor of Dubris, gets busy carving out his legacy while rubbish piles up in the streets, millennials rail against the jobs their given and the inter-web revels in every missed opportunity and blunder that happens.

As the Europeans leave and Britain seizes up, Mayor Jameson raises his voice in the vacuum, pleading for his Europeans to come back. Shocked and appalled, his advisors assume it’s the end of his career, but then the fog horns of hope blare in the distance- the Europeans hear the call.

Hoping against hope, all eyes turn to the channel and as the ferries land, their doors opening an unimaginable sight confronts the world- Europe’s sent all of the British emigrants and ex-pats back to Blighty.

Suddenly Major Jameson has a refugee crisis on his doorstep. And all these refugees can vote...


Broken EU flag

SEND THEM ALL BACK  is a new play that explores what it means to question national identity, place and purpose. It is being read in the summer of 2018 in London.