The ocean. It washes in every day. Every morning and every evening it washes rubbish onto the shore.”  


Ignoring a warning not to venture too far out to sea from a beach littered with plastic, Julia falls int a strange, dark world beneath the water. As she searches for a way back to the surface, she encounters animals that have fallen victim to humans poor treatment of the world.

A modern fairytale about how mountains of waste plastic come from every day acts of living our lives, this is a call to action on what we all can do in this fight for our world.

Suitable for children, families and adults alike don't miss the show this spring.

Poster artwork 1 - August 2012

LET ME SHOW YOU is a new play that explores what our every day acts and consumption mean to the world around us. It is being performed at the Exeter Phoenix Theatre, 25 May 2019, 6pm